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Frequently asked questions

infoHotel search & booking process

How do I search for a hotel using

Searching for hotel using is extremely easy. All you have to do is to type in the name of the town, specify the length of your stay and click the 'Search hotels' button. Within 30 seconds you will see the list of available hotels.

Do you offer other types of accommodation besides hotels?

Yes. Almost all types of accommodation can be found using including: apartments, bed & breakfasts, residences, hostels, motels, guesthouses and more.

What is included in the displayed rate?

By default, the price displayed on the search results page is the total cost of your stay for the specified duration and number of guests. Alternatively, you can change the results view to see prices per night.

Does guarantee the prices shown?

No, it does not. Why is that?
We have put a lot of effort in order to make sure the prices we show are correct. However, it may happen in some cases the rates do not match. If you encounter such a situation, please let us know ( ).
Every time we receive a problem report from you, we will check and remedy the situation.

Does charge for the service?

No, it does not. The service offered by is totally free of charge.

How many quotes can I get using your comparison engine?

Using, you can compare offers from up to 23 providers.

How do I book a room in a hotel that I have found on your webpage?

Once you have chosen an offer, you will be redirected to the website of one of our partners where you will be able to complete your reservation. Just follow the instructions provided by our partners and your booking will be processed in a quick and secured manner. After the reservation process, you will receive an e-mail confirming the details of the reservation.

How can I change/cancel my reservation?

Information on amendments and cancellations of the reservation is available on the websites of our partners.

Can process my reservation if I send you an e-mail with my personal details?

No. merely serves as a Hotel Comparison Engine. While we can provide you with the suggestions for the best offers, we are unable to process any reservation of the accommodation venues presented on

infoTechnical problems

When I click on the search button, I receive a message stating that my session has expired and that I need to perform my search all over again. Why has this happened?

The expiration of a session might occur if the page has been inactive for a long while before a booking is made. This happens for security reasons. Once you execute the search again and choose your preferred deal immediately, the problem should disappear.

Will there be any problems when using the web accelerator or pop-up blockers?

No, such problems should not affect your visit on

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